Vocal groups came into fashion at the beginning of the 1940s. Two groups, in particular, attained a certain fame: the Modernaires, who performed with the Glenn Miller Band, and the Pied Pipers, who belonged to Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra.

Each of the two groups had their own sound. The Modernaires fit wonderfully well into the floating sound of the Miller Band – together they created a sound density which today I still feel gets under the skin. By contrast, the sound of the Pied Pipers tended to be lyrical and rather romantic. They were the ideal complement to the young Sinatra.

The sound of these vocal groups fascinated me even back when I was a child, and swing could be heard more often on the radio. When I then became a singer myself, I dreamed of recreating the vocal group sound and bringing it to the stage. In the summer of 2003 I called up Andrej Hermlin and suggested adding a male vocal quartet to his orchestra. He was all for the idea. We made an appointment to discuss the details as soon as possible. The fact that this meeting took place early on Monday morning at the Cologne airport could not dampen our enthusiasm.

This was to be the SKYLARKS’ hour of birth. After an intensive casting I was able to find three talented and motivated singers who were also enthusiastic about the vocal group sound. We agree with Andrej that you can only do justice to this music if you present everything authentically down to the smallest detail. The SKYLARKS always perform according to the original arrangement: five parts for the Modernaires and four parts for the Pied Pipers. Together with the authentic sound of the band we awaken to new life what has been dormant on recordings for sixty years.

We’re glad you share our enthusiasm for authentic swing and wish you lots of fun at our concerts!