Andrej Hermlin’s acquaintance with the American swing clarinetist Dan Levinson goes back to the year 2000. During the second U.S. tour of his band Andrej Hermlin heard this exceptional musician in New York’s “Cajun” with the orchestra of Vince Giordano. He was fascinated by Levinson’s brilliant, nuanced way of playing. When in the fall of 2002 Andrej Hermlin decided to repeat the unforgotten Carnegie Hall Concert of the Benny Goodman Band on January 16, 1938 with his own orchestra, it was clear to him that the soloist for this very special concert event could only be Dan Levinson! Since the premiere performance in 2003 Dan Levinson, together with the SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA, has enthused thousands of concert attendees in all of Germany. In the USA in 2005 Dan Levinson was elected “jazz musician of the year”. He is a regular guest at renowned American and European festivals. In the meantime Dan Levinson has also been engaged by Andrej Hermlin for the concert program “Artie Shaw - Begin the Beguine”. Over the years the acquaintance has developed into a friendship: “For many years it had been a dream of mine to play the classic swing arrangements performed by the orchestras of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and other Swing Era bandleaders. When I met Andrej Hermlin in 2000, it was a match made in heaven. It is always an exquisite pleasure to perform with his Swing Dance Orchestra - there is no orchestra in the world as authentic-sounding, and no group of musicians in the world as warm-hearted and as dedicated.”