“It’s been some years since a young man called me and said he was a singer and interested in my band. His name was David Rose. At first I was rather aloof towards him, but a little voice said to me persistently: ‘You are making a mistake!’ So I asked the young man to send me a tape of his work. A few days letter I found an envelope in my mail – with a music cassette in it. I played the tape and tears came to my eyes. I knew after only a few bars that I had to have this singer!“

The ‘30s and ‘40s of the last century were the heyday of the great American composers. Acclaimed geniuses such as Jerome Kern, Rodgers and Hart, Oscar Hammerstein, Harry Warren, Fields and McHugh, Gus Kahn, Gershwin, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin – to name only a few – wrote melodies and lyrics for eternity. During this time, now called the “swing era“, an unrivalled number of songs -  “hits of the day“ - were composed, written with intelligence, taste and consistent high quality. At no other time has pop music had so much talent and such a high standard. The influence of these music legends is still omnipresent today in many music trends. Since my childhood these songs have played a major role in my life. Songs I can identify with. Songs that make me laugh – and sometimes even cry. With the Swing Dance Orchestra I have found an orchestra which represents this brief but perhaps most important period of American music history with uncompromising authenticity. That the Swing Dance Orchestra is known for playing original arrangements of the great swing orchestras is for me a special challenge to give these songs an own, special note. Since working and traveling with the Swing Dance Orchestra, many wonderful things have happened to me which I would never have dreamed of earlier. I have often been said to be a dreamer. I can assure you it was worth it! My dream has been fulfilled.

My best to you,