“Andrej Hermlin was the one who literally forced me to go on stage, have confidence in myself and do what my family had given me: sing!”

The majority of Bettina Labeau’s ancestors were farmers. Nobody in her family was a musician, and nonetheless music was always a part of her life from early childhood on. Bettina Labeau’s grandmother sang in the choir in Ludwigslust, a small town in Northern Germany. Her grandfather improvised Gershwin songs on the piano, her mother danced ballet, and her father played guitar. Her siblings also have good voices. Legend has it that she stood on the kitchen chair at the age of two and sang for hours... She became a music teacher and tries to interest her students in music, with varying success. In 1989 she met Andrej Hermlin and his SWING DANCE BAND, and became their vocal soloist three years later. Her absolutely unique, distinctive voice is inseparably linked to the sound of the orchestra. Bettina Labeau loves Mozart and Schumann, Prince and Tracy Chapman – but most of all Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.