Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome on a retro trip with me and my orchestra back in time to the America of the 1930s – and experience music undergoing a remarkable Renaissance – swing! Listen to the unforgettable classics of the famous American big bands of that epoch, the melodies of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Count Basie, Glenn Miller and many other stars of the swing era. Listen and have a look! Not only does this orchestra purvey the original sound of the swing era, even the outward trappings of SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA – the instruments, the bandstands, the microphones and the musicians’ tailored outfits - are absolutely authentic. Just lean back, close your eyes for a minute and dream that you are in a ballroom of a New York hotel sometime towards the end of the ‘30s.

Have a great time!

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